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August 20, 2014
Before I disappear…


First and foremost, thank you for following I ♥ Tatas. This will be my first and only Text post that you will see from me. I’m going to keep it short.

For the past 4 years or so, I have maintained this blog in appreciation to lovely female breasts. I hand pick every picture that is posted here using from many image aggregator sites. I try my best to not pick any images that contain watermarks as clearly they are marked by their copyright owners.

Unfortunately, I have posted some copyright owned pictures, not in purpose, but blindly following the appreciation of the subject matter of the blog. I received a final copyright notice warning, which means if one more image is reported as a violation of their copyright, the blog will be shutdown.

As I understand the rules and laws of copyright, it’s unfair that I do not receive any warnings to remove those flagged images. I make a note on the homepage to report any copyrighted that I may be posting, I don’t have a problem removing them, but that hasn’t happened once. I want to point out that I make $0 out this blog, and is purely out of love and appreciation, I will never profit from other people’s creation as myself am a content creator.

Thank you for reading and following!

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